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As we have struggled to determine the best way forward, we are reminded that using our core values to guide us is more important than ever.

Hard Work - We are all going to have to work hard to be open to change and adjust to new ways of doing things.

Communication - We will be communicating each step to the best of our ability - there will be many challenges as our world is changing quickly and we will likely have to make adjustments. We plan to adapt as information changes daily to offer the best program.

Responsibility - it is critical we are all responsible in how we conduct ourselves - our collective safety and ability to enjoy all the amazing things All 4 brings to our lives depends on it.

Support - through mutual support of families, athletes and staff, we know we can successfully navigate the world we find ourselves in today.

We have already executed intensive cleaning of the gym (including FOGGING) and every surface disinfected.  While we think that is a bare minimum expectation you should have of your gym, we didn't feel this was enough.

After weeks of research, we have found a Disinfectant and Anti-Microbial treatment that has been in use in Hospitals, Food Service, and Arenas around the country. It is cost prohibitive for a lot of businesses, but we felt adamant that we had to take on this additional expense for the safety of our staff and kids until further notice.

We have partnered with Chesapeake Chemlab. This process is a two part application. First we are disinfecting, but more importantly, we are applying an  Anti-Microbial treatment , which forms a network of molecular, protecting the surfaces and fighting against microbes, which continues to kill virus for a minimum of 30 days.

Keeping the environment safe for all
Guiding All Pro
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Directions on who can enter the gym
  • If you are not feeling well or have potential exposure, do not enter the gym.
  • First time customers and parents of Recreational athletes may watch classes. If you need assistance from the office you are welcome to enter wearing a mask.
  • We ask that all team parents drop their athletes and retrieve your children at your pick-up spot at the end of practice, this pertains to private lessons as well.

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Safe Environment
Safe Environment
  • Avoid bringing any personal belongings to the gym.
  • Athletes may bring a bottle of water with them (clearly labeled with name) to keep with them at all times. No access will be allowed to water fountains.
  • Athletes should use hand sanitizer before entering the floor and periodically throughout class.
  • Athletes will wear masks, but are removed on certain equipment . Staff will wear masks at all times.
  • 6' distancing will promoted throughout the entire gym.
  • Any athlete that reports exposure to COVID 19 must wait 14 days or provide a negative test before returning to classes. During this time the athlete will receive make up classes that will not expire and can be used upon return and into the future.